Female Islamic whatsapp group link join 2023

Female Islamic whatsapp group link 2023:

In female Islamic whatsapp group link is posted by the female Islamic rights. In quran says the both men and women are equal rights in society. But the islam religion female are under lots of rules and regulation. They are must wear hijab. They are not doing a prayer in mosque. This group was posted by female Islamic protest. This group was shared their education rights, dress, marriage, to go mosque and more. In india the male muslim are three times say “thalaq” and to divorce their wife.

This is the harsh rule in female muslim in india. Lots of female protest are happen against this “muthalaq” in india. This group was posted by all the female Islamic protest details. And give the rights in all aspects of female muslim. So all are enter this group, and regain the safe spiritual life in female Islamic.

Female Islamic whatsapp group link join

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