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Malay whatsapp group link 2023:

In malay whatsapp group link is posted by the history and famous things of malay language. Malay language was the official language of brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore peoples. this language was speak by 290 million peoples in 2009.  This language was birth in Indonesia. The speaking country of this language is Malaysia over 33 million people. The people are speaking this malay language videos are available here. Its also called as Malacca. Five category of period was crossed this malay language.

This language people are following the hindu buddish culture. This is one of the traditional strong spiritual culture in world wide. Its not comes the over grammar syllabus like English. So it does not need more grammatical knowledge for speak this malay language. Almost ten countries are speak with this malay sub languages. So you know malay you are go almost 20 countries in the world.

Malay Whatsapp Group Link Join

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