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Belarusian whatsapp group link 2023:

In Belarusian whatsapp group link is shared by the beautiful belarusian language and its people culture, history. belarusian was the official language of  belarus country people. this language was speak by 5.1 million people in 2009. This language vocabulary, pronunciation apps links, Belarusian learners online class links, Belarusian language converter tools links and belarus people famous places photos and videos are to be posted by this group. before 1991 this language was known as English, after that the Belarus independence its became as Belarusian.

This language first census was taken in 1999. After that its declared as the home spoken language. This government takes necessary steps to this language, because of this country people only 52.5% can read, write, speak. So take all the activities for not destroyed this language. All the country are need their own official language and its people growth and knowledge.

Belarusian Whatsapp Group Link Join

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