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Indonesian whatsapp group link 2023:

In Indonesian whatsapp group link is shared by this language popularity and habits of this language people. Indonesian language was the official language of indonesia people.  this language was speak by 300 million. This is one of the official language in Indonesia country. Indonesia is one of the travel hub and business center. So all the country people are frequently visit Indonesia country. So they are must know the important phrases of this language such as hai apa kabar?, baik baik saja, siapa nama anda?, nama saya, selamat sore, selamat malam, lama tidak bertemu, senang bertemu dengan anda, tidak, ya, saya mau, saya tidak mengerti.

This words meaning was available in English by this group. so this is one of the paradise for Indonesian learners. In Indonesian islands there are 700 local languages are available. So you are learn this language you should know about this 700 languages also.

Indonesian Whatsapp Group Link Join

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