Baghdad Telegram Group Link Join 2023

Baghdad Telegram Group Link

If you live or work in Baghdad, the capital city of Iraq. If you are interested in studying in Baghdad universities, university students can get help with assignments and quizzes. Latest news updates groups below, provide service for free. Those groups offer a variety of informative discussion groups. 

Any of them can visit Baghdad city, Iraq National Museum, Abbasid Palace, Muttnabi statue etc. It is definitely worth a visit.

Baghdad Telegram Group Link

  • The second class Baghdad collage (channel)—Join Link
  • سينما بغداد | Cinema Baghdad—Join Link
  • Baghdad Series | مسلسلات بغداد—Join Link
  • Baghdad Tech—Join Link
  • َِ𝗔ِꪶِ-َِ𝗣ِِ۫𝗥ََِِ𝐢َُِِ𝗡ََِ𝗖َِِٰ𝗘ََِِ𝙎ِْ |🥂| اެݪاެ…—Join Link
  • بغداد نيوز-Baghdad News—Join Link
  • بغداد نيوز Baghdad—Join Link
  • كلية بغداد—Join Link
  • وظائف شاغرة بغداد فقط—Join Link
  • Baghdad university students—Join Link
  • 𝐒 ♡ 𝐋—Join Link
  • Biotechnology department/ College of Science/Unive…—Join Link
  • اعلان ونشر فرص ووظائف عمل طبية وصحية وتمريضية في ب…—Join Link
  • بغداد نيوز Baghdad News—Join Link
  • بغداد مدينتي نيوز Baghdad is my city News—Join Link
  • العاصمة بغداد News—Join Link
  • University_of_baghdad—Join Link
  • Central Techincal Universty/College Of Medical And…—Join Link
  • Techlog SPE Baghdad Section—Join Link
  • مكتب بغداد للتوظيف—Join Link
  • Berline—Join Link
  • قناة الخامس الاعدادي (كل الشعب)—Join Link
  • 🇮🇶Baghdad Jobs🇮🇶—Join Link
  • ba3’hdad—Join Link
  • Central Library of Baghdad University—Join Link
  • كلية الاعلام جامعة بغداد – المرحلة الأولى—Join Link
  • واحد بغداد One Baghdad News—Join Link
  • وظائف للسوريين في بغداد—Join Link
  • تعيينات بغداد—Join Link
  • Maarif Schools Baghdad—Join Link
  • بغداد عاصمتي—Join Link
  • University of Baghdad Collage of pharmacy 💊💕—Join Link
  • الصف الأول متوسط—Join Link
  • الصف الخامس العلمي—Join Link
  • Steven Al Baghdadi—Join Link
  • university_of_baghdad—Join Link
  • Technical College of Management \ Baghdad الكلية ا…—Join Link
  • معهد تكنلوجيا بغداد—Join Link
  • 3rd grade/Baghdad collage—Join Link
  • 3rd grade/Baghdad collage—Join Link
  • بغداد نيوز 2 Baghdad News—Join Link
  • university_of_baghdad1—Join Link
  • university of baghdad جامعة بغداد—Join Link
  • Remaining Groups

How to join Baghdad Telegram Group Link

The links above are rarely collected and some of the links listed are active groups of those links. If you are interested, you should join telegram groups. Those links go directly to the group join page to easily join and share information or receive information. If you know of any Baghdad Telegram groups or Baghdad Link’s related groups please post them in the comment box below.

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