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Manipur telegram group link 2023:

In Manipur telegram group link is posted by the Manipur people culture and works. Manipur is a north eastern state of india. Their official language is manipuri. Its nick name is the land of gold. The manipur peoples are posted by this group are like dzukou valley, loktak lake, ema keithel market, imphal war cemetery, kangla fort, shri govindjee temple, rkcs museum, imphal valley, keibul lamjao national park. This peoples are visit this places are on weekends and make vlogs videos and photos and availability of foods, facilities of this places are to be posted by this group.

Here the population is over 20lakhs in 2011 census. This people main works is agriculture. Their famous crops are wheat, maize, pulses. This group was posted by lots of agriculture tips for the formers, government subsidy, best pesticides details are to be shared. Manipur people are so kind and humanity. This group is boost you to visit manipur state.

Manipur Telegram Group Link Join

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