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General whatsapp group link 2023:

In general whatsapp group link is to post the duties and responsibilities of general officer in indian army. The general is the highest rank army officer. He has a four star. In 2022 the two generals are in india are Mr.anil Chauhan, he has a indian armed forces, chief of defence staff, chairman, chief of staff committee, and Mr. manoj pandey, chief of the army staff. The president of india is appointed the general officer. They are the head of the indian army.

A general officers does not give a command the troops, he has plan the operation in the field. The seven commands of indian army is like western command, eastern, northern, southern, central, army training command, south western command. Their main duties are like defend the nation’s frontiers, providing internal security in Kashmir and north east. This group is posted by the army, air force, navy parade for free downloaded. So this group members know the strength of the indian army.

General WhatsApp Group Link Join

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