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Senegal whatsapp group link 2023:

In Senegal whatsapp group link is posted by a beautiful country of senegal places and senegal peoples are shared their cultures. Senegal is the west African country. The population is over 1 crore. This country peoples are most time to visit the places like reserve de bandia, lagune de la someone, island of goree, fathala reserve, lago rosa. This group is posted by that’s facilities, architecture, history and travel vlogs videos.  This is one of the major slave trading center. This country was 93% of people in muslim.

This country lakes are in pink color, that is one of the unique in this country. this peoples are like to eat fish, chicken, peas, eggs, beef, pork. This dishes menu are shared by this group. senegal peoples are like to play lamb, foot ball, basket ball, So all are enter this group, its more stress free and you feel like relax.

Senegal Whatsapp Group Link Join

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