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Italy telegram group link 2023:

In Italy telegram group link is posted by its beautiful culture and weather forecast. Italy is south west europe country. This country population is like 5crore. The official language is italian languages. The capital of this country is rome. This country is famous for the formula one sports car, lots of formula one competition are conducted all over this country.

This peoples are like to eat the delicious foods are like rice in pasta, fish, fruits, vegetables, pizza, focaccia, lasagna, ossobuco, risotto, arancini. here the famous sports are like football, basketball, volley ball, rugby, bicycle racing. the famous places of Italy are like colosseum, the grand canal, Pompeii, cinque terre, leaning tower of pisa.  This country is the famous luxury auto mobiles manufacturer in the world. It’s the bith place of the roman civilization. Pasta is the national dish of this country.

Italy Telegram Group Link Join

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