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Indonesia telegram group link 2023:

In Indonesia telegram group link is posted by their culture, music, dance, architecture and tourism to be shared. It’s the south east Asian country. It has more than 17000 islands like java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, borneo and new guinea. Their population is 28 crore. This islands biodiversity, animals, sea, trees, flowers and eco life videos to be posted by this group.  Music is very popular there. Some famous music instruments like angklung, kacapi. Suling, gong, gamelan, talempong, kulintang, sasando.

Its has more than 3000 orginal dances like war dances, witch doctors, hudoq. This beautiful style of dance videos are free download by this group. this people are frequently visit this places are like bali, Yogyakarta, gili trawangan, gili air, nusa penida, komodo. So all are book your tickets in the holiday destination of Indonesia. This people are love social media, do lots of activities in social media.

Indonesia Telegram Group Link Join

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