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Afghanistan telegram group link 2023:

In Afghanistan telegram group link is posted by the afghanistan’s beautiful places photos and videos. afghanistan is a central asian country. This peoples are living in 3 crore in 2022 census. The official language is Pashto and dari. this peoples are like to eat this delicious foods are like wheat, barley, maize, rice, milk products.  here the famous sports are like basketball, volleyball, boxing, golf, association football. not a single number of Christian church in this country.

The famous places of Afghanistan are like band e amir national park, babur tomb, qargha lake, blue mosque, Kabul museum. This people are doing the famous oil paintings. The famous opium was produce large numbers in this country. This county has own 26 different style of national flags. This country climate has raise a high temperature in 100 degree Celsius. And low temperature has recorded in -52 degree Celsius.

Afghanistan Telegram Group Link Join

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